Richester is a story of passion. Once, Francisco Ivens Dias Branco counted the days to visit one of his children. It had been a long time that his young man was studying in the country side of São Paulo. Soon there would be a short vacation, too short for him to return to his city, but enough to receive his father’s visit. The father, a passionate man, wanted to do something special for the occasion. However, he was not sure what exactly could express his feeling. Then, he began to seek answers, and it was deep inside his memories that he found the solution. By revisiting the passions of his life, he realized something important.

It had been a long time since his last trip without his beloved wife Consuelo. He remembered when they first met. A fervorous passion that causes shivering inside. This feeling gave him the passions of his life: his five children. So Ivens was there, in the middle of a trip, with the book resting on his lap, thinking about life and suddenly, bang! He felt the inspiration stirring inside! He had to create a product that could express this sensation.

And that’s how Richester was created, a brand that carries an extra dose of passion. That feeling hit him so strongly that made his heart double the size. He had made up his mind! Ivens, who is too intense to be predictable, surprised even those who had known him since he was a child. In a kind of passionate outburst, he returned home and invited his wife Consuelo for a journey through flavors. Together, they spent days visiting places and experiencing ingredients.

There was no planning, just an idea, or rather, a feeling of pure passion. Since Ivens always liked to create recipes and innovate his products, he let his intuition take them through combinations of ingredients and preparation methods. Guided by their hearts, the couple ventured into feelings to develop the first Richester product. Even before the first bite, Ivens was fascinated by its presentation, flavor and texture …

If you know what I’m talking about, it is all about passion, this mysterious and uncontrolled feeling that cannot be contained. A passion that overflows the heart would not stop there. Ivens began making new recipes for each of his passions: Graça, Ivens Jr., Regina, Marcos, Claudio, and all his grandchildren. And that’s how Superiore sub-brands Amori, Escureto and Animated Zoo were created. Even today, a little more than three decades after the first batch of products, Ivens brings cookies with him every time he visits someone. The time has consolidated this story that preserves the spirit of Richester with the most intense dose of passion he has.